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The company pays close attention to reducing environmental impact both in the design stages and throughout the entire production cycle.

Thanks to the Suntech STP 200 photovoltaic system, Calflex is able to produce up to 90,000 kw per year of green energy, and the innovative trigeneration plant reconfirms the company's commitment to this sector. In planning, the focus is on the model of a circular economy where everything is designed to re-generate value, avoiding the production of waste. The goal is to extend the life of products by ensuring maximum durability and repair.

Calflex pays special attention to the environment and water conservation throughout the range and particularly in the new MySlim and EightMillimeter showerhead lines. Thanks to a technology inside the showerhead, there is a reduction in flow rate at the inlet of the showerhead itself and the water is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the anti-scale filter thus ensuring high performance with low water consumption.

Trivalent galvanic plant

We pay the utmost attention to reducing environmental impact, both at the design stages and throughout the entire production cycle, turning our gaze to a circular economy model, where everything is designed to re-generate value, avoiding production waste. We have an efficient and high-performance automatic galvanic plant with zero impact on the environment, which makes use of trivalent chromium, an element totally free of any toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic components, in favor of a greener policy. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of all Carimali production, where the focus is on a vision of environmental protection and sparing use of energy.

Trivalent galvanic plant

2026 Target
packaging plastic free

The commitment to the environment is demonstrated through the sustainable choices behind each product. By reducing the use of plastic in all packaging and using renewable natural materials, Carimali contributes to a more conscious use of natural resources, production and shipping.

Sustainable project
We are ready to change

We are ready to change

Innovation and sustainability underpin all of Carimali's production, in which the focus is on a vision of environmental protection and the sparing use of energy and the use of increasingly cutting-edge techniques in line with the company's philosophy.

The decision to initiate the practices for ISO 14001 certification confirms the company's commitment to a path of sustainability, recognizing the practices already in use as having a strategic value today that enters fully into the company's strategic business model. In fact, ISO 14001 provides organizations with a framework for protecting the environment and responding to changing environmental conditions in balance with the needs of the socio-economic context.Through a model based on the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" methodology, it provides a systematic framework for integrating practices to protect the environment, preventing pollution, reducing the amount of waste, energy consumption and materials.