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  • Showroom Spazio Diaz
  • 18.04.2024


A creative and multifunctional place that goes beyond the traditional concept of a showroom: a hybrid container, in motion, where the stories and products of the partner companies are integrated in a harmonious contamination and dialogue with the spaces, thus generating a dynamic and fluid environment capable of transforming and evolving, with the common goal of transmitting - but also welcoming - stimuli and creative impulses.

In Spazio Diaz different suggestions go on stage, with unique and exclusive moods to design in a personalized and unique way one's own habitat. Carnovsky, an artist/designer duo formed by Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi and active in Milan since 2007, perfectly interprets and narrates the nature of Spazio Diaz and its partners with an installation inspired by the first ichthyology book, Pierre Belon's De Aquatilibus published in 1533. De Aquatilibus Rubrum, Viridis, Caeruleus is an installation that plunges the viewer into an aquatic, multifaceted and iridescent world through the use of colored lights that transform the space into a multicolored and dreamlike universe with a series of RGB drawings on the theme of the deep sea and the magnificent creatures, real and imaginary, that populate it.