3 collections inspired by classical architecture, geometric elegance and functional design. Searching for beauty and minimalism blends into a new concept that turns your bathroom into a home Spa.

New meaning
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Contemporary classics, rational architecture and mineral structure: creative gestures that transform pure lines and minimal structures into precious details.

modern classic

Elementary geometry of the cylinder engraved by the sign of the time: fluting the material in Doric column style makes it new classic.

With a series of QTIME a new architectural landscape in reduced scale is born: revisited classic lines create the environment of contrasts and interplay of material, surfaces and colours.

play of light

Rational architecture with its proportions, rules and alignments guides us in this journey: pure and minimal shapes made unique by a single detail.

Rigorous setting in terms of shapes and surfaces can have precious details that touched by your hand make the OCUBE series unique and immediately recognizable.

precious balance

Geometric shapes, simple and complex at the same time, are at the basis of mineral structure. Architecture picks up the shapes and the rules. Design then interprets them.

Complexity is generated by a simple variation of basic geometry: with a simple gesture the shapes are articulated and take on a distinctive character giving life to DSIDE series.

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